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Elbaper2 magazine guest writers

Guest Writers

We have to say thanks to all our guest writers who helped our editorial project to come true. Men and women from the world of culture and politics, pround to belong to this beautiful Island, who decided to tell about it with passion and love.


Giorgio Barsotti, Member of the Awarding Jury for Brignetti International Literary PrizeGiorgio Barsotti
Has taught French in Elba Island high schools for many years. Member of the Awarding Jury for the "Isola d'Elba R. Brignetti" International Literary Prize. Since 2009, he has been Chairman of the Prize Promoting Committee.
mail barsotti@cheapnet.it

Maria Pia Cunico, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture at the Venice UNiversityMaria Pia Cunico
Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University in Venice (IUAV), she is scientific consultant for Master's courses, Classes in landscape design and analysis, and in restoration of historical parks at several universities both in Italy and abroad. She wrote the book Giardini dell'isola d'Elba (Gardens on the Elba Island) together with Paola Muscari.
Website: mariapiacunico.net

Giuseppe Battaglini, Art historianGiuseppe Battaglini
Art historian, museologist, expert on military architecture and planning. Director emeritus of Cultural Institutions for the Municipality of Portoferraio. Chairman emeritus of the Transmunicipal Commission for Environmental Heritage of the Tuscan Archipelago, and Director of the National Center for Napoleonic studies and Elba history.

George Edelman, art directorGeorge Edelman
Son of Alexander Edelman, renowned piano teacher, he has received his first musical education from his father. He attended the Conservatories at Lviv and Moscow. Since 1988 he has lived in Paris. In 1997, he created the Elba, Isola Musicale d'Europa, a well known local music festival. In October 2004, he was appointed Art Director of Ferrara Musica - concert season for the Teatro Comunale in Ferrara under the honorary chairmanship of Maestro Claudio Abbado.

Francesco Mezzatesta, writerFrancesco Mezzatesta
A degree in Medicine and a great passion for nature. He has published several books, among which Capire il cane per farsi capire (Understand Your Dog and He Will Understand You) and Biowatching, a handbook for the observation of biodiversity and recognizing habitats, plants and animals in Italy and in the Tropics. He writes for several magazines.

Gloria Peria, historical ArchivistGloria Peria
Graduated in Humanities from the University of Florence in 1980, she is active in the field of research and historical archives. Since 2006, she has coordinated the Historical Archives of the Elba municipalities with great passion and commitment for the safeguard and enhancement of our valued heritage.

Omero Papi, economistOmero Papi
A native of Elba, he graduated in Political Sciences from the University of Pisa defending a thesis in Political Economy. Since 1976, he has held important positions at prestigious banks.

Fabio Picchi, Cibreo Restaurant Chef and Owner, FlorenceFabio Picchi
In 1979 he opened the prestigious Cibrèo Restaurant in Florence. In 2003, with his wife Maria Cassi, actress and director, he opened the Teatro del Sale. Since 2006, he has collaborated with Eat Parade a tavola, a TV program on the Rai Due channel. In 2009, his first book is released: I dieci comandamenti per non far peccato in cucina (Ten Commandments for Not Sinning in the Kitchen).

Gino Vai, architectGino Vai
After graduating in architecture from the University of Florence, he has developed several professional experiences in Switzerland and England with important design firms. He has planned some of the major urban development interventions on the Elba Island. He is a passionate about gardens and parks.

Giuseppe Tanelli, GeologistGiuseppe Tanelli
Geologist and professor of geo-mineralogy at the University of Florence vested with several other important tasks besides collaborating for scientific magazines. From 1997 to 2002, he has been the first Chair of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park.

Mario Ferrari, Executive of the Technical Department of the Tuscan Archipelago Municipalities AssociationMario Ferrari
Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture, he is Executive of the Technical Department of the Tuscan Archipelago Municipalities Association. He is the author of several publications on the topic of the Tuscan Archipelago.
Website: cm-arcipelagotoscano.li.it

Silvestre Ferruzzi, writerSilvestre Ferruzzi
Graduate of the University of Rome La Sapienza, Faculty of Architecture, MA in historical-environmental trails design. In 2008, he published the book entitled Synoptika, devoted to the western part of Elba Island, and a book on Elba toponymy, entitled Signum.
mail ferrusil@yahoo.it

Marco Firmati, Director of the Archeological Museum of the Mining District in Rio ElbaMarco Firmati
Archeologist, he has taken part in several excavation works and researches on behalf of universities and Superintendence of Etruria, Maremma and the Tuscan Archipelago. He is the Director of the Archeological Museum of the Mining District in Rio nell'Elba.
mail m.firmati@libero.it

Umberto Gentini, HistorianUmberto Gentini
Umberto Gentini, a former Executive of the Regional government and now retired, has managed the Local Tourist Board in charge of the Tuscan Archipelago for 35 years. He is active in the field of tourism marketing and currently coordinates the editing committee of the history-focused magazine Lo Scoglio.
mail u.gentini@tiscali.it

Fabrizio Niccolai, Tourism expertFabrizio Niccolai
Graduate of the Faculty of Political Sciences and marketing expert. He has been Director of the Grosseto Local Tourist Board for several years and, since 2009, he has been the Director of the Local Tourist Board in charge of the Tuscan Archipelago.

Massimo Scelza, Director of Corriere Elbano magazineMassimo Scelza
Graduate of the Faculty of Medecine in Siena,in 2002 the Director of the magazine Corriere Elbano.
mail scelza@elbalink.it

Franca Zanichelli, Director of the Tuscan Archipelago National ParkFranca Zanichelli
Graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, MA in ornithology. She has been engaged in the field of scientific museology and in the conservation of natural heritage as park management executive and as professor at the University of Parma. Now she is the Director of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park.
mail direzione@islepark.it

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Ornella Benzo, web designerOrnella Benzo
Graduate of the School of Higher Education for Interpreters and Translators of Florence, MA in Management of Tourism-Oriented Multimedia Services (Prato), three-year experience as Web Editing Coordinator at a Tourism Board in Prato. In 2010 she created elbaper2 website.
mail obenzo@elbaper2.it

Giuliana Foresi, wine producerGiuliana Foresi
Descendant of a century-old Elba family, she has managed the "La Chiusa" farming enterprise in Portoferraio from 1971 to 2003. She wrote the article | Tenuta la Chiusa |, telling both the story of her farm and of Elba wine production.

Federica Franceschini, Marciana Marina Municipality employeeFederica Franceschini
Graduate of the University of Florence, Faculty of Humanities with an MA in Comparative Literature. Employed in the administration department of the Marciana Marina Municipality for ten years.
mail ffranceschini@freemail.it

Giorgio Giusti, historianGiorgio Giusti
A history lover, he founded the "La Torre" Historical and Cultural Group, and he has collaborated with the Municipal authorities of Campo nell'Elba for the organization of exhibitions on local history and traditions up to now.
mail giorgioelga@tiscali.it

Francesca Magnanini, Italian Volleyball championFrancesca Magnanini
She has played on the Italian National Volleyball Team and is a five time Italian champion. Currently a volley coach.
mail niseaprima@alice.it

Franca Rosso, EntrepreneurFranca Rosso
Entrepreneur. Since 2009, she has chaired the Elba Island section of Confcommercio (Trade Association) and has been a member of the Executive Board of the Provincial Section of Confcommercio (Province of Livorno). She is a member of the Women Entrepreneur Committee in the Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Tourism Agency for the Local Tourist Board. Website: confcommercio.isoladelba.it

Arcangelo Serena, Bar Elba managerArcangelo Serena
Graduate of the University of Florence, Faculty of Architecture, with a thesis on Renovation of the Historical Center of Portoferraio. He currently manages the historical Bar Elba in Portoferraio.

Walter Tripicchio, Chairman of the Elba Young Hotel Owners AssociationWalter Tripicchio
Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture with a thesis on yacht design. He carries out his activity in Portoferraio. He belongs to the third generation of hotel owners in his family. He is the Chairman of the Elba's Young Hotel Owners Association and Councilor of the Hotel Owners Association.
mail info@scogliobianco.it

Milena Briano, Vice Chair of the Tuscan Archipelago National ParkMilena Briano
After graduating in Chemistry, she began her career as a teacher and then became active in politics. She is currently the Vice Chair of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park and Chair of the San Giacomo Cooperative.

Marisa Sardi, a passion for Elba historyMarisa Sardi
After graduating in Humanities from the University of Florence, she has taught humanities at high schools and, more recently, at the middle school in Portoferraio. She is passionate about Elba history and has written some articles about the island.

Carlo Gasparri, Italian World Spearfishing championCarlo Gasparri
Born in Portoferraio, expert on fishing techniques and connoisseur of sea floors, he is a five-time Italian World Spearfishing champion, a three time European champion, and a one-time World Spearfishing champion. Since 1974, he has supervised several TV programs relative to the ocean.

Paolo Stoppa e Marco Giovarruscio, Head Barmen at the  Villa Ottone and Hermitage HotelsPaolo Stoppa e Marco Giovarruscio
Paolo Stoppa and Marco Giovarruscio are two expert bartenders with much experience in important four and five-star luxury hotels both in Italy and abroad. They are currently Head Barman at the Hotel Villa Ottone and Hotel Hermitage, two prestigious hotels on Elba Island.

Simonetta Vanni D'Archirafi, writerSimonetta Vanni D'Archirafi
As every ambassador's wife, Simonetta has travelled all over the world for many years. Her passion for cooking let her easily learn all the different culinary traditions she met, adapting them to the official lunches in the embassy. Author of the book Una noce di burro 100 ricette per 1000 occasioni (A Knob of Butter: 100 Recipes for 1000 Occasions). She lives on Elba Island, Rome and Orvieto.
mail simonetta.van@gmail.com

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