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About Us about us

Elbaper2 has got a talented and very professional team. Let's meet them.

Rossella Celebrini, Editor in chiefArt Director and Editor-in-Chief
Rossella Celebrini

I am the founder and director of Elbaper2 magazine and website. This is the project of my life. I have worked hard to produce first the magazine in 2009, and then the website in 2010. For any information about ElbaPer2 website and magazine, please write to me:
Mail:  Website:

Lucia Soppelsa, Managing Editor Managing Editor
Lucia Soppelsa

I joined the staff of Elbaper2 as the Managing Editor in December 2012.
Since I have been working as freelance journalist for many years, I will be responsible for overseeing the content and quality of magazine publications.

Ornella Benzo, Web designer Web designer
Ornella Benzo

Ciao! I'm the web designer who made the website in 2010. I'm in charge of the updating and translation of the website into English. As a native, I'm very enthusiast about this project. If you have any questions about, or you'd like to exchange a link with us, please email me at:

Erika Sambuco, Public Relation Advertising sales rep
Erika Sambuco

I took up this temporary position as the new Elbaper2 advertising sales rep in March 2013. When I got this job, I said, "You won't regret me!". They didn't! I will be in charge of contacting local businesses who wish to advertise themselves with us, answering to their questions, and proposing our advertising plans.

Paolo Ridi, PhotographerPhotographer
Paolo Ridi

I'm the official photographer in charge of the magazine photo advertising. I was born in a family of photographers - since 1936, and for many years to come, my grandfather, Primo Ridi, had been the only photographer of the Island; therefore, after I graduated, I had no doubt which profession to choose. For a long time now I have travelled around the world telling people's story through my photos. That's why I ended up specializing in documentary wedding photography. Let's get in touch! Contact me at:  Website:

Daniele Anichini, graphic Graphic Designer
Daniele Anichini

I have been responsible for the overall visual look of the magazine since 2009, arranging text and images to create a pleasing layout for readers. Graphic design touches so many areas of visual output. My designs can be required for a huge variety of products and activities, such as advertising, books, magazines, posters and many others. For any question, contact me at:

Elena Giorgetti, traduttrice  di Elbaper2 MagazineTranslator
Elena Giorgetti

Since I graduated the School of Higher Education for Interpreters and Translators of Florence, I have been running my own translation agency: Atlantica. I love my job though it is tough sometimes. I have been in charge of the magazine translation in English since 2010. For any question contact me at:
Mail:  Website:

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