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Elbaper2 magazine

ElbaPer2: the magazine and the website

Born out of the passion of the wedding planner and event stylist Rossella Celebrini, and the creativity of the web designer Ornella Benzo, Elbaper2 began publication in May of 2009 in magazine format to promote the Isle of Elba as a tourist and wedding destination. The publication's main objectives were to provide good quality, reliable information and insightful storytelling from native authors for both visitors planning a vacation and couples celebrating a wedding. A year later, in May 2010, we linked the magazine with www.elbaper2.it, our new website created to further promoting Elba around the world. All the magazine articles are published on the website. Once you've found the documents you want to use, you have several options for working with them. You can read the full text online or download, print and email only the documents that interest you.
Enjoy our magazine and visit regularly our website.

Magazine Elbaper2 Isola Elba

ElbaPer2: cover magazine

Graphic project by Rossella Celebrini, our Editor in Chief. Photos by Paolo Ridi.

Elbaper2 2014 cover magazine

Elbaper2 2013 cover magazine

Elbaper2 2011 cover magazine

Elbaper2 2010 cover magazine

Elbaper2 2009 cover magazine


ElbaPer2 colophon magazine

This is the list of all the guest writers of the magazine. You can download, print and email the PDF version of the articles on the website.

2011 Colophon magazine

2011 Colophon magazine
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2010 Colophon magazine

2010 Colophon magazine
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2009 Colophon magazine

2009 Colophon magazine
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ElbaPer2 editorials

by Rossella Celebrini, our Editor in Chief

PDF  2011 editorial |ita - eng|

PDF  2010 editorial |ita - eng|

PDF   2009 editorial |ita|

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