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Discover Elba traditional cuisine

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Marciana chestnutsOn the traces of the ancient flavors
By Stefania Pasella (2009 Elbaper2 magazine)
Elba gastronomic tradition is not the result of a specific local culture but rather a blend of different culinary practices adapted and conformed by all the populations who had conquered the Island over the centuries: Ligures Llvati, Maremmani (natives of the Maremma), French, Jews, Corsican and Spanish...
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Farm production of wine and oil
Tomatoes and basil

Elba Island, a culinary star
by Fabio Picchi

Fabio Picchi, chef and owner of the prestigious Cibreo restaurant, in Florence, in this article talks about Elba cuisine.

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Elba Aleatico

ElbAleatico...a whole bunch of history
by Elbaper2 staff

Elba aleatico is a wine, a tradition and a project


Magazine ElbaPer2 2011

The recipe of aunt Tina's crostini di cozze, mussels on bread appetiter

Aunt Tina's crostini di cozze
by Simonetta Vanni D'Archirafi

Aunt Tina's recipe of crostini di cozze appetizer, mussels on slices of bread (about 1 cm thick).


Giuliana Foresi at the time of her childhood with her cousins in Marina di Campo

La Chiusa
by Giuliana Foresi

History of one of the oldest wine producers on the Island of Elba


Magazine ElbaPer2 2010

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