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Discover Elba wildlife

Surrounded by the intense blue of the sea, Elba's sandy beaches and steep cliffs make the coastline an area of outstanding natural beauty. Inland, its mild climate offers a wide range of environmental variation: from olive groves and vineyards to arid fields, rich in cactus plants and "macchia mediterranea", the mediterranean Chaparral. Elba wildlife can be enjoyed any time of the year. In summer you will find a nice and warm weather to welcome you down to its sandy beaches or up to its shady woods. In spring the Island fills with the colors and scents of a myriad of flowers and plants in bloom. If you stroll along its numerous trails in September and October, you will easily identify many wild and fruit trees, such as the "corbezzolo", commonly called Strawberry Tree, symbol of the Mediterranean Chaparral, and taste its florid fruit. Lose yourself in the whistling birdsong and in the scent of the shrubs that takes you back to the natural odors almost dormant in everyday life.

Colonization of Spirastrella cunctatrix and Spongia officinalis, photo by PencoAll of the colors of the sea in painterly biodiversity
By Franca Zanichelli (2010 Elbaper2 magazine)
Light spreads on the surface of the sea, reflecting infinite shades of blue, stirring the sense of a profound call to nature. Our glance meets with the endless horizon and an ancestral sense of wellbeing takes form. A pleasing silence linking past and future, renewed in each white wave that stretches toward the seashore. The irresistible desire to open oneself to the sea has moved the hearts and minds of many a bold adventurer who gave life to the civilizations along the Mediterranean basin, sailing the coastlines toward the discovery of the islands and their natural riches... | read more |

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Pomonte in a July day, painted by Renée Frisbie

Flight of the swallos over Pomonte, Chiessi and surrounds
by Giuseppe Tanelli


Corbezzolo, The strawberry tree

The strawberry tree, symbol of mediterranean Chaparral
by Marisa Sardi


Island of Pianosa
Pianosa, the Island at the bottom of your heart
by Milena Briano

Let's discover the beautiful, wild island of Pianosa.


Tuscany Walking Festival
Visiting the Islands...rediscovering the traveler in us
by Franca Zanichelli

Tuscany Walking Festival organizes Mediterranean nature walks.


Elba Trail Cotoncello trail, Elba Island On the top of the mountain for a spectacular view, Elba Island Franca Zanichelli's explanation during a trail Great Elba trekking On the top of Monte capanne for a spectacular view. Photo by Franca Zanichelli Volterraio trail, Elba Island. Photo by Franca Zanichelli Enfola trail, Elba Island. Photo by Franca Zanichelli

Magazine ElbaPer2 2011

Lionel e Pierluigi, swimmers

Sea messengers to speak out about solidarity
by Franca Zanichelli

Lionel e Pierluigi swim to support humanitarian campaigns


Magazine ElbaPer2 2010

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sea horses

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