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Discover the Isle of Elba, plan your event, and share your emotions on

Searching for an event space or a wedding location on Elba Island? Welcome to, the top ultimate Elba Destination guide.

A complete guide to the beautiful Island of Elba, Italy's third-largest island, rich in spectacular venues, unexpected locations, best quality facilities where you can easily rely on for your event. Located between the Tyrrhenian and Ligurian Sea, about 20 km from the Tuscan coastal town of Piombino, Elba is easy to reach by one-hour trip by ferry. So let your personal journey through our beautiful island begin.

Written by locals for locals and visitors who want to look beyond the usual tourist sights, the pages of DISCOVER will show you the other side of Elba. The shareable PDF documents and photos of our authors will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the history, nature and culture of Elba, an island that stays true to its ways and traditions. Then go to PLAN and browse the suggestions and tips of our experts who will help you to make your dreams of perfect holiday or wedding come true. Finally go to ENJOY and share with the people of Elba all the emotions that this beautiful land between sea and sky generously knows how to give away.

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We would like to tell you the fairytale of your wedding.

Sun, sand and romance...that's all you need to celebrate your wedding! Whether you decide to organize it by yourself, or you prefer the full support of a wedding planner, Elba is the right place for you. Be it a wedding, or an anniversary, our charming Island will make your special moment unforgettable.


We would like to tell you the story of the island and people of Elba.

Steeped in history and culture, this is the place where Emperor Napoleon went into exile on 4th May 1814. Divided into 8 charming towns, of which Portoferraio is the main one, rich in natural beauty, native gastronomic tradition and wine production, characteristichand-made craft, this is where you can make a home from


We would like to tell you the story of a perfect holiday or event.


Experience the Isle of Elba and feel part of our community.

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Discover the Isle of Elba, plan holidays, weddings, and events,
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